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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 30, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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i'm julie banderas in for how are you doing? most areas are still in good dana perino, and this is "the shape, only one major weather system right now which is what daily briefing." we're seeing hit the midwest to musi♪ new england, that will dissipate and there will be mostly dry >> julie: police are still conditions across the country. trying to figure out motive for security is always what we talk the shooting. about as a top concern for the police now praising the volunteer security team, headed by an ex-fbi agent who took out pd insurance team, no credible the gunmen. threats against new year's eve, but if you are willing to come >> i don't see myself as a hero, and wait with the crowds, the nypd will have each person go i see myself as doing what needed to be done to take out through a number of checkpoints, the evil threat. using vapor detecting dogs, drones, and a lot more. how does this work? >> julie: jeff paul is live in people can line up as soon as west settlement, texas. >> julie, think about this. today and then of course what the nypd repeats every year, there were 240 people inside just bring your patients and be this church behind me here in ready for it, because once you tarrant county, texas, at the get in the pen, that's where you time of the shooting. have to stay until the ball the shooting only lasted six seconds and the senior minister drops. hero says had it been for the >> julie: still not allowing umbrellas on new year's eve, but today i guess they are allowing brave actions, the heroic it, i see plenty of people with actions of some of his fellow umbrellas. parishioners, people like jack >> just for today. wilson who we just heard from, there could have been a lot more >> julie: laura ingle,
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lives lost. thank you very much, and i am julie banderas in for >> since when do you know when dana perino, here is molly line, any fun plans for tomorrow, or are you going to come in to work something bad is going to happ and then come to my place? happen. you have to be prepared at all >> molly: that sounds fun, i really appreciate that. times, at all places. i will give that some thought. >> julie: we will be watching and that is the way that i your show, happy new year if i strive and the way that i teach. don't see you. >> molly: happy new year to you, julie, thank you. >> wilson says the suspect was we are seeing some deadly wearing at the time what he says was a fake beard and awake with shooting video inside a church. a knit cap on on top of the wake at the time of the shooting. [screaming] >> molly: also hearing from he said the suspected shooter people that survived that attack was sitting in a pew during and a stabbing at a hanukkah church services when he got up and that's when he said he pulled out a shotgun. celebration. >> i ran into the other room to try to save my life. the shooter shots ultimately killed two people before volunteer church security members like jack wilson fired >> molly: plus a man's as a hacker used his ring doorbell to back killing the shooter. this all lasted about six taunt his kids. now he is demanding payback for seconds and was captured unfortunately on the church's live stream witnesses were inside and are still trying to understand what they saw and why this all happened. ou have to remember he's a
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creature of god also just like we are and it's a sad thing that he had to come into the congregation and hurt people and it's a sad thing that we had to hurt him. but i don't have any hate for this person. we can't have faith for these people. >> the big unknown right now is why, if there's any sort of motive to the shooting. we do know in according to investigators of the suspected shooter was homeless and was known to have some roots in the area and also had been arrested several times in the past. julie? >> thank you so much, jeff paul. now to the second attack on the faithful this weekend, federal prosecutors charging a man accused of dabbing five people during a hanukkah solution at a rabbi's home. this was just outside of new york city where we had a string of anti-semitic attacks recently. the suspect is expected in federal court just moments from now. jacqui heinrich is live in muncie, new york with the late
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latest. >> that suspect is now being charged with the federal hate crime and we just received a criminal complaint against thomas and it contains some disturbing details. it says he went into the rabbi's home with his face partially covered with the scarf and said no one is leaving. investigators also say in his car they found a journal with anti-semitic statements and references to adolf hitler and, nothing's. police say 84-year-old grafton thomas stabbed five people with a machete he bought from china during a hanukkah celebration friday night and among the injured is the rabbi's own son, also an elderly victim. police tracked thomas to manhattan, and police say he was covered in blood and smelled like he was able to cover -- trying to cover up the evidence with bleach. new york leaders attempted to answer what they are going to do about an uptick in anti-semitic crimes.
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since september 23rd there's been one anti-semitic attack each day including christmas day when a man in traditional clothing was punched in the face in brooklyn. president trump called for unity, but the community here called for a tougher approach. >> we are providing a free service for armed officers, except the state police and detectives. they will be going in a very menacing, omnipresent truck. this is part of it and this is how it works. >> the suspect's family says this is all know what it seems, he has a long history of both mental illness and hospitalization and is not connected to any hate groups and has no history of anti-semitism. his bail was set at $5 million and investigators have not commented on reports, more on
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the religious attacks with michael masters, national director and ceo of the secure community network which is also a nonprofit organization serving the jewish community on matters of safety. the alarming rate of which we are seeing the hate crimes is enough to really wonder why. you know, experts say that anti-semitic violence has been rising not just as of late but for years. what do you think is behind it? >> as you said we are seeing the highest rate that we have seen in decades. but the reality is, from 3,000 years, anti-semitism has been a reality for the jewish community. rather than focus on the why that is motivating individuals who are offenders, we focus on preparedness and action for our own community. we saw that in the rabbi's house with an individual that went back in after saving the child and the accosted the offender
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with a table and chair and ran out to get his license plate. we have to stand up together as a country and a jewish community to fight the scourge of anti-semitism and hatred. >> jackie was reporting this is not an act in accordance with racism or anti-semitic. beliefs that this guy was put in much a loner that just went in, he happened to also stop the son of the rabbi and unfortunately, he seems to be okay but is recovering in the hospital. six incidents of hate crime since the 23rd alone is just beyond alarming. how do you tell these communities to protect themselves or protect comic potential future attacks? >> one of the things that we do with the secure community network with our partners in law enforcement is prepare with the community. we undertake training, situational awareness training to identify individuals that don't belong. you heard mr. wilson say the offender in texas walked in with a fake beard and awake and identified that activity, and
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really working on what our response is going to be. >> julie: it's of the incident that happened in muncie, that was at someone's home. in texas for example because it's happened at church, there was a news conference held today by texas attorney general ken paxton and i found it fascinating what he said about the west freeway church in texas. basically saying that this could actually stand as a model for places of worship that fall victim to evil. let's watch that. >> we can't prevent every incident, we can't prevent mental illness from occurring at we can't prevent every crazy person from pulling a gun. this church is a model of preparation. >> they had to armed security guards inside. how can other churches and synagogues live from security and how they handle this. they had a strategy for what to
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do if an event took place and had trained individuals. mr. wilson, former law enforcement official who had actually owned a firearms training institute and there were rigorous standards in pla we are facing a professional adr it's a church, synagogue or mosque, they should be afraid to pray. religious freedom is under assault in this country which means we need to ensure that our citizenry and our residents are protected and prepared, just like they did in that settlement in texas. >> julie: there is just a litany of things that could potentially affect these sorts of things, addressing the fact that this guy was able to get into the gun in the first place. when i attended church on new york city and christmas eve there was a security guard that checked everybody's bag and had
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a radar wand, one of the metal detector wants to check people coming in. is that what the future is all about? now when we worship god we have to be checked by basically security screens that we would see in an airport. >> so as a security expert, what i would say is if i had a magic wand and could make the world different place, i would. this is a reality that i have to deal with whether they are walking into an office building in midtown manhattan, disney world or a house of worship. when you have individuals that are intent on doing harm, we have to do what we can to protect people that are walking into our institutions, whether it's a summer camp, day at school, synagogue or church. that's a reality that we live with and we are working to prepare the community every day without reality. >> julie: michael masters, thank you very much. the u.s. military launching air strikes on has the la sent n
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>> julie: fox news alert and warning to the united states has bilotta as a proxy for iran. we have lucas tomlinson joining us now from the pentagon with the story. >> has below says they will quote renew their policies and the president defense secretary called them a success. we will take additional net actions as necessary to ensure that we act in our own self-defense, and then we deter further bad behavior from
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militia groups or from iran. >> the iranian backed militia said 25 of regimental commander, and 50 were wounded. we have american blood on her hands going back to the iraq w war, and, the pentagon released this footage, and the officials tell us that the f-15 strike eagle's dropped laser guided bombs five targets. former national security advisor john bolton called them a good first step. the leader of the iranian backed militia is blamed for the 1983
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bombing of the u.s. embassy in kuwait two months after beirut. but as a militia fought against isis and they are still under the umbrella of iraq security forces, before the strikes the u.s. democratic center criticizes u.s. g.o.p. colleagues. >> where is the congress saying no, we will stand up to russia, and that's held in check. we are not seeing that. >> both the u.s. military and militia fought back against isis but now that isis has been largely defeated many in iran want the u.s. out of iraq once again. >> all right, lucas tomlinson, thank you. >> it's a pro-government militia compound, and at least 14 people and it comes less than a day after taliban leaders agreed to a temporary nationwide to cease fire. benjamin hall is live in london with more.
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>> we are hearing contradictory statements from the television now. officials told the u.s. that there was a cease-fire agreed on by the supreme council but we are also now hearing from the spokesman a few hours ago who tweeted that in fact there was categorically not a cease-fire and he urged the fighters to continue operations. cease-fire or no cease-fire, the bloodshed has continued in afghanistan day in and day out and they pahlavi and have in fact been to intensifying their attacks over recent days. the attacks today that you talked about, they targeted a pro-government militia and killed 14. the is on-again, off-again peace talks and cease-fires have been going on for almost a year. back in september it did appear as if they were close to a breakthrough but they were called off when the taliban claimed responsibility for the death of a u.s. soldier just days before the taliban representatives were due to visit camp david to meet with president trump. those talks then resumed in early december after president trump surprised u.s.
11:18 am
forces in afghanistan for thanksgiving. but all the while the u.s. military has kept up pressure and operations across the country. in the daily report of overnight military operations the u.s. military said that 30 taliban fighters had been killed across the country last night and several other insurgents were detained. it's now the fate of these prisoners which has become the key element to the peace deal. they see a peace deal and their ticket to freedom. they know that prisoner release is a key pillar of any agreement and they also know that a key pillar is the cease-fire but for now that is not yet been confirmed. and as a tragic reminder of the death toll last monday a u.s. soldier was killed in northern kunduz province. the remains of sergeant first class michael global of new jersey returned to the u.s. last wednesday and he had been assigned to the first battalion seventh special forces group. so the feeling is that the u.s. and taliban are inching closer to an agreement of some source
11:19 am
but the danger is they are not a homogenous organization. that note by no means filters down to the commanders on the ground, and it's a long-term deal according to analysts and it does still seem quite difficult. >> julie: benjamin hall, thank you so much. there was something about the recent presidential debate that is highlighting a major concern about the entire nominating process as a whole. we will explain coming up next. wow!
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>> some concerns, you could call them about the 2020 democratic field. they all had their strength but as a group they offer the indictment of the nomination process. there are three candidates in their 70s and no african-american or latino, there are two people that have never won an election and a zero have ever run a state. joining me now, editor and columnist at real clear politics. so what is wrong with that it nomination process? if there is one thing that would fix it, what would it be? >> if this is not a brand-new problem as we have seen, that
11:24 am
everyone sort of made fun of, this has been a problem for a while in 2016, a one on nomination. that's after the democratic party crowded out any competition to hillary clinton, a flawed candidate who went on to lose and then she alienated the burning supporters. as a party, you know longer control the process, or lean in to choose candidates. you can't really close them up so the democratic side, it's definitely coming under fire for too many debates, or an over democratized system. and now at the end of this long open process they are being criticized for the fact that the voters are not giving money and pulling support to candidates of color. i think it's hard to say at this point, there is a way to make it more fair, they have made it overly fair and lost control of
11:25 am
the process. that's all entirely up to the voters that the parties are not able to raise significant money and that comes from outside. i think it's a process where it's too late to sort out if they want to go back to more control, they have to think long and hard about the primary electorates. >> they are basically sitting back and saying, republicans aren't fair and they are biased, one african-american is running for office, whereas the republican party back in 2016 you had that as others. i know what you are thinking america, how my still on the stage with them? obviously some self-deprecating humor there but he's asian and a business person who has never run a major company but that begs the question.
11:26 am
are we seeing the future of the politics? >> he's talking about the problems that we can't solve now but the problems we face in ten or 20 years. he is generating excitement and money and pulling support which is why he's on the stage. we had african-american candidates and still do in this race. kamala harris said she didn't have support, cory booker, the senator, still a very popular guy on the ground but he's not making headway in the polls. but the point is, african-american voters are terrified of the second term of donald trump, and largely there choices joe biden, the former vice president. the market is bearing voters who are choosing a cautious option and not the exciting new people or candidates of color, that's nothing to do with an democratic national committee. >> julie: president trump
11:27 am
would you agree change the way that we saw the typical politicians. how would you agree that the change the path forward? >> he didn't go to diners, he didn't need endorsements, he didn't -- and that's true, it opens the door to andrew yang and other nonpoliticians but it is going to depend on who that person is. it's very hard to break in, and it was known to millions and millions of people. certainly it opened the door to outsiders and people who don't have political the background. >> julie: all right, a.b. stoddard, thank you. it doesn't hurt to have a polarizing personality as well and sometimes those debates can be a snooze fest. so, longtime congressmen and civil rights leader john lewis he has announced he will undergo treatment for stage four
11:28 am
pancreatic cancer. releasing this statement, and i am quoting. "i have been in some kind of fight for freedom, equality or basic human rights for nearly my entire life. i have now.r faced a fight like georgia doctors that they discovered the cancer during a routine visit, and fellow politicians have extended their support. joe biden reversing course saying he will testify in a senate impeachment trial while also getting heckled at his own rallies. what happened, we will have a live report for you coming next.
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>> julie: in 2020 front runner joe biden making a bit of news. he says he will testify in a senate impeachment trial after claiming he wouldn't comply with his subpoena. meanwhile the former vice president hearing from hecklers during a campaign event in new hampshire, with one
11:33 am
calling him quit a pro joe. allison barber's live in new hampshire with more. >> the former vice president now says if he were to receive a subpoena, he would respond, but he continues to say that he does not believe there is any legal or logical basis. here's what he had to say this morning. >> obviously i would respond, and there was no legitimacy whatsoever to my being subpoenaed to testify. he stood by statements he made
11:34 am
and in the crimes the president is accused of. failure to comply with president trump, critics were quick to point that out. they backtracked on saturday clarifying his answer on twitter writing in part, i've always complied with a lawful order. he had a town hall in iowa telling about her he would obey any subpoena that was sent to him. any minute now, biden is expected to speak with voters of this community event in derry, new hampshire. it will be his fourth in future event in two days and he started with the town hall in peterborough. at least 500 people showed up for that one and a second one is at a middle school in milford. minutes after biden started speaking there, protesters interrupted. >> i hope it does.
11:35 am
i hope it does. let her go, let her go. >> how much money did you make in the ukraine? >> wait, i released 21 years of my tax returns, you're a guy hasn't released one, was he hiding? >> 2020 hopefuls are in new hampshire today. and john hopkins university and national review contributor and national senatorial committee eta. thank you both for talking to us. wendy, let me start with you. joe biden in iowa asked if he would nominate former president obama and the supreme court and joe biden actually said if he would take it, yes. i'm not sure obama would take it so what do you make of joe biden? >> i think this is in true joe biden form, trying to pull
11:36 am
in obama whenever he can. whether or not he will nominate obama if he is elected the next president of the united states is to be seen. i do think it also prep plays into that fanfare, that local rock star in this that comes with obama and to the people who like obama hopefully will translate to the same people who like and hopefully vote for joe biden. if he does that, that will be something that will raise a lot of eyebrows on both of her left and right side of the aisle but i'm not surprised by this comment. everyone is here grabbing at straws and we are getting down to the wire. he's doing what he can. >> how much pressure would you think there is on that democratic contender, that are facing the pressure of details, to file the plans and fill federal court vacancies, with the angst of president trump packing the benches with conservative judges? certainly that is on joe biden's mind when he made that comment. >> that is really the only
11:37 am
answer given. and at the same time i do think the democrats need to be more mindful of what they will do when it comes to filling the presidential -- or the judicial appointments. of president trump is taking over about one fifth of judiciary, or about one-third of the tics. mitch mcconnell has turned of the senate into a machine for confirming federal judges so they have a lot of work to take care of. >> wendy, i think it's interesting that you pointed out that biden will bring about mom's name every chance he can as long as he's in agreement with them or it works with his voters. i want to talk about why obama might hurt biden. biden hasn't had his support as of yet, obama has not endorsed the candidate. but what does that say about
11:38 am
biden and obama, it's an interesting relationship that these two have. >> it's a very interesting relationship. but but i think obama like many americans, they know the importance of the 2020 election. whoever gets this nomination, and it's a person that the people are behind. that's what's important for obama and i think it withstands the relationship, and it speaks to his dignity and his allegiance so to speak. pete buttigieg is coming out swinging and obviously he will take advantage of this and this is what he said. this is an example of why he
11:39 am
says it's not the same thing as judgment. it was a decision to blame iraq. that was a president of the united states, and the vice president stood behind him. it's interesting to try to watch biden back away for the decision to move into iraq when his supporters are against that decision, how does he get out of that one? >> i pete buttigieg brings this up because his risk is, he's got the biggest experience turning that experience around on biden, and that's certainly the last 20 years he was wrong on it. if you look at what bob gates said about joe biden, he said further than that, and he has been on the wrong side of it. if pete buttigieg keeps hammering away at that, that's
11:40 am
one of the big risks if you are joe biden, that long record that you are pouting if you stretch the surface there are some serious issues that are out of step with the modern democratic party. >> julie: i want to move on to sanders because as biden has said he has released his tax returns and he pointed to the president who has not and now we are talking health and bernie sanders. his doctors have in fact released his information. so let's put it up on the screen. his doctor say this about bernie sanders health. especially this update, it's just months after he suffered a heart attack. esther sanders was able to exercise to a level that is approximately 50% higher than other men in his age, and mr. sanders is more than fit enough to pursue vigorous activities and an occupation that require stamina and an ability to handle a great deal of stress. we sit back and wonder if you can't possibly predict if
11:41 am
someone is healthy enough to undergo the enormous stress that the presidents of the united states carries. i mean, he's okay now but he did just recently suffered a heart attack. in most cases when you have a heart attack, the likelihood of having another heart attack is high and no doctor can predict that. >> absolutely, you said it perfectly. at the end of the day my family comes from medical professionals and the truth of the matter is you don't need t need to know what's going to happen tomorrow. of course this information is because we are all sensing some sort of pull back from his campaign after his health scare a few months ago. other or not he's able to perform 50% higher than someone of his age or caliber does not mean that, god forbid, something can happen tomorrow and it doesn't mean that someone who has a different health report cannot outlive him. so it's one of those things, you
11:42 am
have to vote based on the policies and really put the health issue aside because no one can dictate what will happen tomorrow. as far as health is concerned. >> julie: thank you both, and happy new year. so the country's homeless population is rising, especially in california. where the economy also happens to be booming. we will discuss why the crisis is getting worse, next.
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>> julie: in california the homelessness crisis is on the rise despite the economy thriving with record low employment, let's bring in david bronson, founder and managing partner of the bronson group, a wealth management firm. let's talk about the most disturbing element here and it's a vast separation of wealth in
11:47 am
the state of california. you've got the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. what is the reason that you believe, is there anyone or anything to blame for this? >> it sort of systemic as a blue state model in general. you have varying rich cities and very poor areas and the middle class that consistently is hollowed out. california's sort of ground zero of the blue state experiment. i think that high regulation serves as a subsidy, and it helps the big entrenched powerful companies, and california's case mostly in silicon valley. there is no experimentation in energy or agriculture, materials and industrials, they haven't diversify the economy. so if they are in a rich coastal city like newport beach where i am, everybody is doing just fine. if you are in silicon valley you are just fine.
11:48 am
silicon valley has been decimated. >> julie: and you say these are happening mostly in blue states? so are you saying that the democrats are to blame? >> certainly in california democrats have to be, not just the majority but, and in this state it also happens to be true in illinois, new jersey and new york as well. they have an incredible self-fulfilling prophecy and power because of their ability to raise money and then use it to hold their own political power past policies and keep them entrenched, it's very dangerous. >> it's always dangerous when democrats are in power. here we have new york city mayor mike de blasio who was throwing around the blame card
11:49 am
yesterday in an exclusive interview. and guess who he blames? president trump. >> the problem ultimately is, donald trump has not shown any willingness to give us the tools that we need to most especially, section 8 vouchers, which allow people to relive and rental housing which is the single strongest piece we need from washington that we are not getting. >> julie: sold de blasio blames the president. is this a state-by-state issue or the federal governments responsible to you to clean up the mess left behind by states like california? >> if actual local housing is at some point the primary responsibility of the federal government, we haven't really big problems in our country. these areas are specifically under the jurisdiction of state governments and even more local than that, counties, sometimes down to a level.
11:50 am
that's something that simply can't be followed and has nothing to do with federal policy. so from trade deal to wall street records to the college admission scheduled, 2019 was a pretty busy year. >> as the ball comes down for 2019 tensions flare right to the end. washington and main street become more intertwined than ever before. >> solemnly and sadly open the debate on the impeachment of the president of the united states. >> another record run on wall street. i'm >> it was a year of political fights, stock market hits and celebrity messes. the year started with a government shutdown and a delayed presidential state of the union. house speaker and nancy pelosi was a thorn in president trump side throughout the year and capped the year off by impeaching him, calling a phone call with the leader of the ukraine and abuse of power, making president trump only 1 on
11:51 am
history to be impeached. >> president trump: it doesn't really feel like we are being impeached. >> i made fights with congress, trade was trump's priority in 2019 is a push for better deals with china, mexico and canada. the trade war with china got ugly this year. >> it's a phenomenal deal. >> by the time it was all said and done he had a phase one deal that was chaired by the business and financial community. >> if they do not abide by the rules and the commitments then there will be a step back on tariffs among other things. >> and the day after he was impeached, the democratic led house finally passed a new version of nafta, known as usmca. a less successful fight for the president was his push for border wall funding. china had another battle in its hands besides along with the president. millions of protesters in the business mike of hong kong taking to the streets to push back on china's authoritarian rule. 2019 was a troubling year for
11:52 am
aircraft maker boeing, the new 737 max suffering two fatal crashes, and the company had halted production of the mammoth jet sending ripples through the industry and the economy. meanwhile president trump was busy on the international front stepping into north korea during a meeting with kim jong un, calling on nato partners to pay up for national security, and supporting brexit for the u.k. that fight left boris johnson winning a stunning election victory in all but assuring that brexit will happen in 2020. back in washington, department of justice inspector general delivering a report of the fbi's behavior and actions while investigating the trump campaign. in the election year. a criminal investigation by u.s. attorney john durham would be even more comprehensive. on the west coast, celebrities and other elites expose at college admissions bribery scheme, some already doing prison time for it and others still fighting the charges. unemployment, record lows.
11:53 am
they put major averages in uncharted territory. now the focus turns to 2020 with an impeachment trial expected in the senate in january. more trade deals are seen with the e.u., the u.k. and india and another presidential election coming this november. maria bartiromo, fox business new york. >> julie: times square getting all ready for the big new year's celebration and we are live there, next. musica♪ so it's like getting free money. go to and sign up today for a $10 bonus. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-seven vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! ahhhh i can breathe again! ughh.. vicks sinex, breathe on speak to a major winter storm hitting parts of the northeast ahead of the new year. but partiers in new york city could get a break. laura ingle is live in times square. i guess mother nature is getting it all out right now. >> well, let's hope so. man, it is dreary and drizzly and very uncomfortable right now. here in times square, but all of that is expected to shift and
11:58 am
change tomorrow where there is no rain expected. which has new year's eve revelers all riled up and ready to get in position to watch the big ball drop. as tradition goes, today was the big data practice to make sure everything goes off as planned. >> three, two, one! happy new year! >> and with a flick of the switch, the new year's ball made its way up to the top of the 13l around the world keep their eyes on each year. some some ball facts, 624 waterford crystals i give it the kaleidoscope effect, and it will be cool to watch when it drops, and it should be pretty tolerable to witness in person. let's look at some maps. you can see that we have rain, but the weather forecast for new york city is looking a lot better than last year we saw drenching
11:59 am
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